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Welcome to Bembridge Parish Council Website

On the behalf of the councillors and staff of Bembridge Parish Council, I would like to welcome you to the Bembridge Parish Council Website. Our website is here to provide you with information about our village, which is situated at the most Easterly point of the Isle of Wight, and also gives information about the Parish Council which serves it.

Details of our village are contained on the Wikipedia link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bembridge but this article does not give a flavour to our pleasant friendly village which you must experience for yourself.

The Parish Council is the tier of Local Government closest to the people and your Council welcomes input and feedback from both residents and visitors in order that we can assist people or improve our village where we can.

Bembridge today, faces challenges which will not be solved by ignoring them.  The development of the harbour area brings to the forefront the need to balance the requirements of fishermen, yachtsmen and local residents with the wish of the harbour owners to develop a financially viable, sustainable harbour for the twenty first century which will attract visitors to the village and provide local employment.

There are problems of access to many parts of village during the summer months where some of the roads are not capable of handling the amount of traffic within the village. The lack of off road car parking spaces at both the shopping areas of the village also creates further problems.  Overdevelopment of housing within the village exacerbates these problems and the impact of the transport requirements of the residents in the McCarthy and Stone complex has yet to be felt.

Your Parish Council is acutely aware of the reports from the Environment Agency regarding the quality of the sea water off Bembridge beaches and while your Council believes that the area used to sample the sea water is not an area commonly used for recreation or swimming, there is no complacency regarding this issue and your Council is working with the Agency to identify the source of the pollution.

Your Parish Council supports and encourages the use of the sporting and social facilities administered by the Bembridge Youth and Community Centre at Steyne Park on Steyne Road and would encourage visitors and residents to make full use of these facilities.   If the Council’s long term plans come to fruition, there may be additional sporting facilities available at Steyne Park within the foreseeable future. For future events at the Bembridge Youth and Community Centre see their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/BembridgeYCC .

Your Parish Council encourages and supports local businesses and shops. Details of the wide ranging local services available can be found at the website of the Bembridge Business Association at http://www.bembridge.org/ which also provides a comprehensive guide to Bembridge and our sister village of St. Helens.

Finally, I would like to thank all the staff and my fellow councillors of Bembridge Parish Council who serve our village so well. Details of the opening times of the Parish Office are Monday to Friday 9.30am to 2.30pm and I would urge you to visit our Parish Office if you require local information on the services or facilities available. 

Mike Tarrant
Chairman, Bembridge Parish Council



For information on what's going on in Bembridge go to our Community Information page under the Parish Information tab

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